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Fine Art Sports Photography

The Limited Edition galleries are limited to the number shown in the gallery title.  They are signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.  These images are not available for social media digital downloads. All framed pictures are custom built and require time to prepare and ship if needed.      

My finished product is a high quality piece of art that will last a lifetime.  I use Hahnemuhle Torchon fine art paper, and no glass, mounted perfectly in a custom frame within frame.   

The Hahnemuhle Torchon paper, where the name ‘Torchon” means “coarse structure” in French, is my choice for a beautiful fine art print,  I love it’s object-like feel and look.  This paper is very smooth with a modelled texture. It’s very distinct and I haven’t seen it replicated by other paper companies. It feels thick and is luminous (thanks to its 96% whiteness rating). This paper features colors well and it loves to give you deep deep blacks too. Torchon is luxurious and for fine art reproductions. It will excite you the moment you touch it.

Additional info:

285 gsm

100% α-Cellulose

bright white

Moderate optical brightening agents (OBA) content

rough texture (though soft to the touch)


The custom frame is a two part setup.  The inner chrome frame serves as a "3D matte" and brings an added sense of depth to the photograph.  The outer gloss black shadow box  adds a rather unique upscale look, highlighted by the fact that there is no glass to cause reflections.  The finished product wavers between a photograph and a fine art painting.   

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