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A better way to choose the right racquet for your game!


Have you ordered a demo racquet online in the past? Then purchased it only to find out that it really was not the right racquet for you. Maybe it felt good for a moment or you felt compelled to use the money you spent on the demo towards your purchase. This process is generally just a guessing game and thus can you leave you disappointed if you guessed wrong.


I have a better way to invest your time and money. Schedule a demo session with me and let me guide you on your new racquet journey. First, I'll ask you what your current racquet is, allowing me to research its specs. I'll ask you what you like best and what areas you'd like to improve. Maybe you like your ground strokes but not your volleys, etc. Then, I'll grab my bag of demo racquets and we'll meet at my courts. Sessions generally last 45 to 60 minutes as we'll have over 12 plus racquets to work with . You'll hit a variety of balls to determine which racquets you hit best with. I'll be able to tell you which racquets have better action and help you determine a good fit. I'll also be able to view your game and your strokes, which will help me, help you, determine which type of racquet will be best for your game. Specs make all the difference in determining the right racquet and strings to elevate your game. If you suffer from tennis elbow, racquet and strings can help alleviate that pain for good. You just have to put the time in to make sure your choice best suits your game and style of play. I can absolutely help you do that.


As we finish up the session, we will narrow down your selections to a couple of frames. After the session, you'll take your favorites with you to demo over the next week. If over the next week, you determine what you have is not quite right then you'll have the option to demo other frames we previously decided during the session as "maybes" and you can hit with those for the next week. You may even decide that your racquet is the best racquet for you, that can happen too. The overall objective of the process is to give you piece of mind and confidence in the racquet you compete with.


The cost of the process is $30. If you buy a racquet from me, you'll get $15 back towards the cost and if you buy two, you'll get $30 off your purchase. My racquet prices include high quality string and are generally always competitive with online prices.

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