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I have had a passion for photography most of my life.  I was heavy into film way back when before finally, after taking some time to get used to the idea of the digital age, making the switch to my Nikon D90.  I've now moved on to a Nikon D810 and I love it!  In 2015 I began my journey towards making this more than just a hobby.  I've worked with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography to further my education and skills.  I've never been a fan of photographs that completely stop time and speed, you'll find my photographs show speed through motion or rather blur .  I like the look  and my photographs show my passion for tennis just the way I think they should be shown.   

My passion for the game of tennis came later in life, although I picked up a racquet every now and again starting in my high school years, it wasn't until I moved to Atlanta in 1992 that I started to truly love the game.  I often wish I would have started playing as a junior, it is certainly a game you can play for life.  Many people know that ALTA is all about doubles and I chose to focus and learn that game over singles in my early years.  I still play matches with my dubs partner from way back then, 30 years and counting.  We took lessons together with the pros in Ponte Vedra, when the ATP used to be there back in the late 90's.   We've read and studied countless books on the doubles game as well.  I am known to be a strategist on the court, constantly evaluating our opponents and making adjustments throughout the match to give us the best chance at winning.  In the last 10 years, I've added that same commitment of learning to the singles game.   Now I I have my USPTA Elite Pro certification and PTR Level 2 certification and I am putting all that knowledge to good use by sharing my passion for the game through coaching. 

I know I can and will make a positive difference with any level of tennis players I coach.  My passion is contagious! I

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